The backbone of our success

The backbone of our success

Knowledge, experience or know-how alone isn't worth a dime if you cannot share it. We are what we are thanks to our partners.

Lukoil Bulgaria Ltd, Paper Factory Stambolijski, Bulgartabac Holding PLC, Biovet JSC, Lackprom AD in Bulgaria,

Chemopetrol JSC, Deza a.s., Synthesia a.s., Spolana a.s. in Czech Republic

Petrocarbochem AG, Grillowerke AG in Germany

International Furan Chemicals B.V., IGM B.V. in Holland

BorsodChem Rt., MOL Hungarian Oil Gas Plc., Motim Ltd., Nitrokemia 2000 Rt. in Hungary

ZAK S.A., Solvent Dwory So. z o.o., Dwory S.A., Ciech S.A. in Poland

Chimcomplex S.A., Oltchim S.A., Interagro S.A., Bridgexim SRL, Köber SRL in Romania

Chemko a.s., Slovnaft a.s., NCHZ a.s., Duslo a.s. Elastik spol. s.r.o. in Slovakia

Azot Severodonetsk JSC, Polyprom Group Ltd., RZVA Rovno JSC in Ukraine

EuroChem JSC, Lukoil Chemical, Asha chemical plant JSC in Russia

K-Profile AG in Switzerland

Sunpor Kunststoff GmbH, Ameropa GmbH, JLC-Chemie Handels GmbH in Austria

Dioki d.o.o., Kemo d.o.o. in Croatia

MSK a.d., Agis d.o.o. in Sedrbia

just to mention a few, are the backbone of our success.

The good, longterm relations with them give us the security as well as the flexibility to offer better and higher quality products and services to our customers, as well as to constantly improve our image and extend the pallet of our activities.

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